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Exotic mammals

Exotic Mammals

Hedgehog Vital Statistics
Body length: 7 inches
Body weight:
          male African: 500-600 grams
          female African: 250-400 grams
          male European: 800-1200 grams
          female European: 400-800 grams
Sexual maturity: 3 months
Maximum life span: 4-7 years

Guinea Vital Statistics
Body length: 12 inches
Body weight: 750-1200 grams
Sexual maturity:
           Male: 3-4 months
           Female: 2-3 months
Average life span: 5-8 years

Chinchilla Vital Statistics
Body length: 8-10 inches
Body weight: 1-2 pounds
         (female is larger than male)
Sexual maturity: 7-10 months
Life span: 9-17 years

Rabbit Vital Statistics
Body length: 6-12 inches
Body weight: 2-20 pounds
         (depends on breed)*
Sexual maturity:
           Male: 4-7 months
           Female: 4-9 months
Average life span: 5-8 years (max 15)
*Flemish giants may be as long as
  24 inches and weigh 22 pounds or more.
**Dwarf breeds mature at a younger age.

Ferret Vital Statistics
Body length: 9-15 inches
Body weight:
 Male: 1-2 kg
 Female: 0.5-1 kg
Sexual maturity: 4-8 months
Life span: 5-8 years